Monday July 13, 2020
SHEFFIELD co-owner Peter Mole is worried the sport could lose some riders because of the shutdown.

Mole has backed up the comments of colleague Damien Bates in saying team changes will need to be made should the sport get the green light for August.

Several riders have already taken on alternative work with no income from racing right now – and Mole fears some will keep it that way.

He said: “Team changes I would think will be required at many clubs, but plans will be in place before committing to a return to action.

“We must remember riders have to make a living too and many have committed to short-term jobs outside speedway to ensure their bills and mortgages are paid

“I sincerely hope as a longer-term consequence of this current crisis, we do not lose further riders for the future. Some may decide on a future in employment rather than take the personal and financial risks of a return to the track.”

British Speedway bosses are keen to get permission to stage meetings with limited crowd numbers and there appears to be a feeling that time could be soon.

A statement from the sport’s governing body said: “Members of the British Speedway Promoters Ltd have, in the last two weeks, been working on how our sport can work safely for competitors, officials and spectators alike. We believe the biggest risk to riders is the natural danger element of racing motorbikes with no brakes.

“Clubs have already been planning how social distance measures can be taken for spectators and again we must emphasise speedway venues rarely host capacity attendances.

“Grassroots team sports inevitably include a small spectator element and we believe we are within touching distance of our sport being able to start a reduced season.”

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