Monday June 13, 2022
SHEFFIELD were involved in the Premiership’s first ever super heat at Peterborough on Monday - but were forced to settle for just one league point.

The Tru Plant Tigers drew 45-45 at the home of the reigning Champions over the 15 programmed heats.

But in an exciting revamp of the rules for 2022, that enforced the new ‘super heat’ with extra league points on the line.

Jack Holder and Tobiasz Musielak were the duo who earned the additional race with a 4-2 in a scintillating Heat 15.

And they were the pairing Tigers’ team boss Simon Stead put his faith in once again.

With the unique ‘4-3-2-0’ Pairs scoring format coming into play for the decider only, Peterborough took a 6-3 though as the hosts claimed their first Premiership points of the year from a meeting where the Tigers were six points up with just four races to go.

Boss Stead said: “It was disappointing that we sort of fell short in the latter heats.

“I can’t quite believe it to be honest because we’ve done so much throughout the meeting; they’ve had to use a tactical substitute but we’ve nullified that.

“The two 5-1s against [Heats 13 and 14] didn’t do us any favours at all and put us on the back foot.

“In the end, I think we did well to take it to a super heat, but we have to take it on the chin unfortunately.”

The Tru Plant Tigers will be represented by Adam Ellis and Tobiasz Musielak in Round Two of the Premiership Pairs at Ipswich’s Foxhall Stadium on Thursday (June 16, 7.30).

The next team action sees the side head to King’s Lynn on Thursday, June 23 (7.30).

PETERBOROUGH 45: Michael Palm Toft 10+1, Chris Harris 10, Ulrich Ostergaard 9+1, Scott Nicholls 6+1, Benjamin Basso 6+1, Hans Andersen 2+1, Jordan Jenkins 2+1.
SHEFFIELD 45: Tobiasz Musielak 11, Jack Holder 10+2, Craig Cook 9+1, Adam Ellis 7, Kyle Howarth 4+1, Jake Allen 3, Dan Thompson 1+1.
Peterborough beat Sheffield 6-3 in Super Heat
Premiership points: Peterborough 3 Sheffield 1.

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