Friday October 28, 2022
THE final round of the Premiership Pairs will now take place at Leicester's Paul Chapman & Sons Arena this coming Monday (October 31, 7.30).

Last Tuesday's initial staging was postponed in the build-up due to unsuitable track conditions following heavy rainfall.

The penultimate round took place at Belle Vue's National Speedway Stadium on Thursday - with the hosts claiming victory to take the competition down to Monday's final event.

Sheffield missed out on a semi-final place in Manchester on countback, and while their eventual final place remains unchanged, the Speedway Control Bureau issued the following statement on Friday:

The SCB would like to apologise to the Wolverhampton Team at the Premiership Pairs Round 5 at Belle Vue on Thursday 27th October where an error was made in the calcification of the results for the semi finals, where on the countback system Wolverhampton should have qualified for the race off.

Three teams tied on 20 points however the SCB Regulations quite clearly states as per SCB Regulation 016.1.3 -

"If more than a two way tie the team with the highest scoring heat results will qualify"

Under this regulation between the three tied teams Wolverhampton, Peterborough and Sheffield, this meant Sheffield finished in 5th position having not scored any 6 - 3 results in their favour, where as both Wolverhampton and Peterborough had one race each with a 6-3 advantage.

Wolverhampton and Peterborough also had one race each of a 5-4 advantage.

Thereafter Wolverhampton had one race with a score of 4-5 where as Peterborough other three races were all scores of 3-6, meaning that Wolverhampton should have qualified with a higher scoring heat results.

So the 5th round positions will be adjusted to the following -

1st Belle Vue (12)
2nd Ipswich (8)
3rd Wolverhampton (6)
4th Peterborough (4)
5th Sheffield (2)
6th King's Lynn (0)

BELLE VUE 31: Brady Kurtz 18, Matej Zagar 10, Tom Brennan (RS) 3.
IPSWICH 25: Jason Doyle 18, Erik Riss 5, Anders Rowe (RS) 2.
PETERBOROUGH 20: Chris Harris 16, Benjamin Basso 4, Jordan Jenkins (RS) 0.
SHEFFIELD 20: Jack Holder 14, Justin Sedgmen 4, Connor Mountain (RS) 2.
WOLVERHAMPTON 20: Sam Masters 15, Ryan Douglas 5, Ace Pijper (RS) 0.
KING’S LYNN 19: Frederik Jakobsen 11, Richard Lawson 8, Jack Smith (RS) 0.

SEMI-FINAL: Doyle, Basso, Riss, Harris (f.exc) – [Ipswich beat Peterborough 6-3].
GRAND FINAL: Zagar, Kurtz, Doyle, Riss – [Belle Vue beat Ipswich 7-2]

Belle Vue 12, Ipswich 8, Wolverhampton 6, Peterborough 4, Sheffield 2, King’s Lynn 0.

Ipswich 46, Belle Vue 34, Sheffield 26, King’s Lynn 26, Wolverhampton 16, Peterborough 12.

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