Thursday April 19, 2007
TERRIFIC Tigers romped to a massive 65-25 Premier Trophy win over Stoke at Owlerton.

Under-fire James Birkinshaw responded to his critics with a full house, including a stunning third ride in heat 9 when he stalked top Potter Glen Cunningham - on a tactical double ride - for three laps before sweeping round the outside to take second place behind skipper Andre Compton for one of Sheffield’s nine 5-1s on a bumper night for the hosts.

Compton was again in peak form, scorching to five straight wins without being troubled by an opponent.

There was plenty for Tigers to enthuse about as they signed off their home Premier Trophy fixtures. Reg Wilson’s side are unlikely to qualify for the semi finals, but this powerhouse performance will lift their confidence going into next week’s league opener against Berwick.

Said Wilson: “There were good signs from everyone in the team and Stoke had no answer.

“They have a team of Owlerton specialists but they couldn’t get near our lads,” he added.

TIGERS: A. Compton 15, R. Ashworth 10+2, B. Wilson 10, J. Birkinshaw 9+3, P. Cooper 8+3, J. Parsons 7, J. Cockle 6+3.
STOKE: G. Cunningham 9, R. Harrison 6+1, G. Stead 6, D. Speight 2, B. Barker 1+1, B. Evans 1, P. Pickering 0.

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