Wednesday June 26, 2019
OWNERS at Sheffield Speedway have moved to reassure fans over the future of the track, saying: "This is NOT a step towards closing this wonderful club."

Speculation has mounted, largely on social media over the past week since the Sheffield Window Centre Tigers operation was put up for sale, that the club may close.
But the promoters stress that it's not the case - and the wheels will keep turning.
The 'for sale' move was made following a tough start to the 2019 campaign, one which has brought problems out of the club's control, such as moving to Sunday racing and losing the first bend terracing to redevelopment.
That led to the controlling Bates family making last week's decision, saying it was time for new blood to come in with help and ideas or take over the club's running.
Said co-promoter Damien Bates: "We have had five years in charge here at Owlerton and a lot of hard work and a lot of money has been put into trying to make a success of the Tigers. In 2017 we did just that by winning the Championship title on that amazing night in Ipswich.
"This year we have faced the mountainous challenges of having to switch race day and also losing our prime-site viewing area, the first bend terracing.
"We had no choice when it came to moving to Sundays, because our traditional Thursday was selected as a fixed race night for the Premiership.
"We were faced with either moving into the top division or trying Sundays, in the hope of attracting new, younger fans to our sport. We knew it would be a big move and that's why we kept our admission prices to among the lowest in our league and allowed under 16s in for free.
"Moving to Sundays wasn’t a decision taken lightly.
"We canvassed a lot of opinion and the general consensus was that it was a positive move but, for whatever reason, the crowds haven’t increased and we know that a lot of regular supporters have stayed away.
"Losing the first bend terracing was also out of our control; it was the stadium owners’ decision and we have tried our best to minimise the damage.
"We have tried very hard to make it work this season. We have spent a five-figure sum on promoting speedway and looked at every avenue to make it work - but it has all taken a toll and none of us want this to affect our family lives. We made the decision after a lot of soul searching.
"That's why we looked at selling the club, which is still the case, but I must stress that we're not planning to close it if no-none comes forward, we will have to look at alternative ways forward.
"We don’t intend pulling down the shutters. This is a step towards trying to safeguard the future of Sheffield Speedway and give someone else the chance to take up the reins if possible.
"No-one else wanted this club to succeed more than we did – but running a business as well as a speedway club has been very demanding and difficult.
"One thing we do need is for supporters to show there's still an appetite for speedway in Sheffield, starting this Sunday against Somerset."

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