Thursday July 14, 2022
JACK Holder bagged his first maximum of the season as Sheffield beat Peterborough 51-39 at Owlerton.

The awesome Aussie rediscovered his very best form as the Tru Plant Tigers defeated the reigning Champions for the second time this year by the same scoreline in the Steel City.

Holder romped to four wins from four rides in a solid team effort on a night where team manager Simon Stead shuffled his riding order.

Adam Ellis provided more excellent support with three race wins to his name from the No.3 position while a switch back to No.2 for captain Kyle Howarth also worked as he was paid for double figures.

Tobiasz Musielak managed paid nine, despite having to do plenty of his work from the back, while reserve pairing Justin Sedgmen and Connor Mountain both came up with a race win each on their way to five points apiece.

Meanwhile Craig Cook’s efforts weren’t at all reflected by his final tally with the former British Champion often in the thick of the action.

Supporters were treated to some more fine action around the Owlerton circuit and boss Stead was a pleased man as his side maintained their 100 per cent home league record.

“I think it was a great team performance when you look down the scorechart,” he said.

“Everybody did a good job and it was great to see Jack firing on all cylinders - that’s a great sight to behold around here.

“Adam as well; he’s made a couple of changes with his machinery and he seems to be firing again.

“So we’re making progress in those departments and looking at the line-up, I think we look pretty good.

“I’m looking at every heat and for some reason I’m thinking we look a little more solid than we perhaps did before.

“All-in-all it was a good win over Peterborough though, job done, three points on the board and we’re looking forward to the next one.”

The Sheffield management would again like to thank supporters for their patience on Thursday night following a later than scheduled start time.

Racing was delayed after SCB Referee Seth Perkin reported an issue with the switch panel - before a ‘green light go’ starting method was applied for the contest.

“It’s not ideal but there were two options tonight,” Stead said.

“We either raced on a green light start or we didn’t race full stop and we send a good, healthy crowd home really disappointed.

“There are rules to follow in the event of something like this happening, we followed them by the book and by the referee’s instruction and a green light start is what’s there to replace a start failure.

“We’ve seen it at a higher level than this, we’ve seen it in a Grand Prix so it’s not completely unheard of.

“But it is disappointing and I feel that on the back of the disappointment with Ipswich, let’s just hope we’ve got rid of all our bad luck in the space of two meetings and we can all look forward to a busy spell coming up.”

The Tru Plant Tigers will be looking to continue their solid run in the Premiership Pairs at Wolverhampton on Monday (July 18, 8pm).

The next team action sees them head to Premiership leaders Ipswich next Thursday (July 21, 7.30) with Wolverhampton the next visitors to Owlerton on Thursday, August 4 (7.30).

SHEFFIELD 51: Jack Holder 12, Adam Ellis 12, Kyle Howarth 8+3, Tobiasz Musielak 6+3, Justin Sedgmen 5, Connor Mountain 5, Craig Cook 3+1.

PETERBOROUGH 39: Ulrich Ostergaard 10+1, Chris Harris 10, Benjamin Basso 9+2, Scott Nicholls 6+1, Hans Andersen 2, Jordan Jenkins 2, Michael Palm Toft R/R.

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